Family Support

Our Family Support team gives the families of children with visual impairment emotional and practical support, advice and information. We also advise and work with other professionals and organisations.

We can explain complex terms, give independent advice on claiming benefits or make contact with agencies and organisations on the family’s behalf. We usually work over the telephone, although we may provide face-to face-support in some cases.

What is of most importance to many parents and carers of a blind child is the consistent and informed emotional support we provide for the whole family, including grandparents, brothers and sisters. We listen, care and advise.

In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland we work closely with local charities to provide Family Support services.

Family activities

We also arrange heavily subsidised or free events and activities around the UK, including Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. These are a great way for families to take a break and meet others in a similar situation in safe and secure environment. Relaxing and having fun can encourage children with sight loss to develop confidence and make new friends.

Events include trips to pantomimes, the zoo and other exciting places for much less than the usual cost, guide dog experience days and events in partnership with other charities. See our events page for details.

Downloadable information documents:

How to guide your child with a visual impairment? (Word Doc 54 KB)
Is it in the family? (Word Doc 63 KB)
Professionals supporting your family (Word Doc 58 KB)
Siblings of children with visual impairment (Word Doc 81 KB)
What is low vision? (Word Doc 55 KB)
Indications of a possible visual impairment (PDF 55KB)
Blind Children UK Toy Catologue (PDF 21KB)

Starting Point documents:

Early learning at home (Word Doc 31 KB)
Eye conditions explained (Word Doc 30 KB)
Glossary (Word Doc 29 KB)
Nursery and child care (Word Doc 31 KB)
Speaking with fellow parents (Word Doc 29 KB)
The diagnosis journey (Word Doc 29 KB)
The eye clinic appointment (Word Doc 29 KB)
What can my child see? (Word Doc 29 KB)
What is a certificate of visual impairment? (Word Doc 30 KB)

“We’ve been on a number of Blind Children UK Family weekends. At one of these, when I was 12, I met up with another visually impaired girl. We’ve been best friends ever since, and last year our families went on holiday together, which was fantastic! We can help each other out with our problems, just like any other teenagers would, but we can chat about things relating to sight loss too, which is really important.”

Tiri, age 15

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Fadzie sitting next to her mum outside

Do you need help?

Please call freephone 0800 781 1444 or email services@blindchildrenuk.
if you'd like some advice, or to chat about how we can help you.

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