Become a Blind Children UK Campaigner

"Habilitation support made me more independent and more confident, and I’m now able to get around my home area on my own. It’s easier to interact and make friends with other people: they find it easier to talk to you if you’re not with a teacher or teaching assistant."

Children and young people with sight loss have different ways of learning skills such as movement. Many will need training and support to learn to move around independently. This support is called habilitation.

At the moment, not enough blind children and young people are able to access habilitation support. This is stopping many children from reaching their full potential. 

Join us in calling for all children and young people with sight loss to be able to access good quality habilitation support, by asking your MP to learn more about this vital service at our event in Parliament in March.

Become a Blind Children UK campaigner

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